Clear goals.
Clear growth.

Know exactly what you and your insurance producers need to do in order to succeed today, this month, and this year.

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Make every day a success

Concrete daily goals

Define success for your producers with clear-cut sales goals to work towards each day.

Don't let a bad day become a bad month

Adapt to agency trends

Is your agency on track? Our proactive goals adapt to agency highs and lows to ensure you're always aiming for success.

Find your stars

Analyze performance

See who's hitting goals and trending upwards each month. Find your star producers and identify who's holding you back.

How can you score without a goal?

Simple goals.
Big results.

Insurance sales doesn't have to be a guessing game. Motivate your team with concrete goals that make success easier to reach.

Flexible goals that adapt to trends

What are you trending for?

Don't let a bad day bring down your monthly performance. Our daily goals adapt to agency highs and lows to ensure you're always on track for the month.

How does your team stack up?

Performance transparency

Break down producer performance with month-to-month analytics. Discover which producers are growing each month and which are repeatedly falling behind.

Andrew Ryan, Hertvik Insurance Group, Senior Account Manager
The reports that AgencyZoom provides help us make informed data driven decisions as we continue to improve our processes.

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