Take your calls to Lightspeed!

Lightspeed integrates directly with AgencyZoom, taking advantage of our Click-to-call feature, and adding even more functionality. Provide in-call pops and link call recordings to your AgencyZoom call notes. Best of all, integrating is a breeze.

Simple to setup and no need for a new number

Use your existing phone number

Make it easier than ever for clients to recognize your calls and respond directly using your existing phone number.

Easier to call. Easier to train.

Click-to-Call and call recordings

Make one-click calls directly from your AgencyZoom app and easily access call recordings to use for coaching.

Join over over 30,000+ users
boosting their Book of Business

Sell. Retain. Analyze.

Built to grow your book of business, AgencyZoom helps you automate time wasting tasks, grow faster, and retain more customers.