Bridge + AgencyZoom

Integrating Bridge allows you to call or send texts in app from your existing phone number, and when a prospect responds, we'll update their lead card in AgencyZoom for you. Best of all, it's quick and easy to set up.

  • Free trial
  • Easy setup
  • Cancel anytime
Manage calls and texts

Use your existing phone number

Reaching prospects has never been easier. Make it easier than ever for clients to recognize your texts and calls using your existing phone number.

Sync your call history

Lower your E&O exposure

Hands-free syncing allows you to document every call every time, to ensure you are doing the right things the right way every time.

Get more done

Communication made easy

Make AgencyZoom pop by adding Bridge's Live Chat, Video, Faxing, Phone, Call Recording, and eSign to your agency. Contact Bridge for more information.

Luke Pitman, Owner, RLP Insurance
I have been working with Bridge for 3 years. They have mastered the phone, text, e-signature, etc realm for insurance agencies. I can't think of a better partnership than Bridge and AgencyZoom. There is no better CRM in the game than AgencyZoom.

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Built to grow your book of business, AgencyZoom helps you grow faster, retain more customers, and automate time-wasting tasks.